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How to create your individual wooden floor

Prince Parket wood floors are produced by two ways: "tailor-made" and "design collections".  

In collections of best sellers you can easily find your favourite floor. 

For demanding clients we have tailor-made production according to their wishes.

Design Collection

Would you like to choose a guaranteed floor design that is perfect for your interior? Would you like to choose from ready-tinted colors? You choose from our specially designed collections.

Tailor-made floor

You like to invent your own solution. Are you creative and do you like to discover? You may be interested in flooring that you can create yourself. Bespoke production offers unlimited possibilities. We can do almost anything!

How to create your own wood floor?

Choose from the following options

Characteristics of wood

The character of the Princ Parket wooden floor is influenced by the structure of the wood, its drawings, details, color, the amount of knots and other perfection in nature. Everyone has the right to choose and that's why we offer different options.


Gentle drawing of wood without significant knots and color changes. Causually only very small knots can occur.


Rustical wood character with knots, stronger texteure and natural color variability.

It highlights the beauty of wood, art of nature.


Strong rustical appearance with knots and strong heartwood texture with natural cracks.


Surface treatment

Surface treatment possibilities and their combination makes wood floor original and more personal.


Improve durability and character of the wood. Polished and smoothed at the same time.


Shou Sugi Ban. Traditional wood burning technology.  For cosy and original feeling.



An experienced craftsmaster touch every board by plane for you.


Wooden surface beaten by special hand tools. 


The advantage of the sawn surface is its high durability with increased ability to hide even large scratches and damages.



The smooth surface makes maintenance and renovation of the floor easier. The smooth floor enables many other surface treatments.



The precise joint between the parquets, which we refer to as microbevel, was specially developed to discreetly emphasize the floorboard's character.


The hand-beaten edges give the impression of manual finishing. It's not just an impression, the parquet is really hand-finished

Natural surface oil Biofa

Biofa oils on Prince Parket surfaces are 100% natural and absolutely biologically and hygienically harmless. Naturally air-dried oils are applied to the parquet in several coatings, which are impregnated into the surface and dry gently for several days. You can't rush here. Natural materials require some care.

Natural oil

Natural oil is impregnated into the depth of the wood and at the same time forms a protective micro layer. The surface will then be very easy to care for and easy to renew.

Color oil

Natural oil with mineral pigments. You can choose between color base patterns or NCS and RAL colors. Color on your request or according to your suggestion. No limits.


Each wooden floor consists of individual parquets of certain sizes, which influence the appearance and expression of the final floor. Princ Parket parquets in different sizes can be combined. They can also be made in square tiles or in various shapes, even on a CNC machine. For example, in parts like a puzzle :) Technological limits are much further than the basic offer presents. Special requirements are always discussed individually.


Parkiety o grubości 12mm

Floorboards 2-layer,

3mm toplayer

Widths 120 - 150 - 190 mm 

Lengths 730 - 1500 - 1800 mm


Parkiety o grubości 13 a 15mm

Floorboards 2-layer or 3-layer,

4mm toplayer

Widths 150 - 190 - 250 mm

Lengths 1080 - 2200 mm


Floorboards 2-layer or 3-layer,

3mm or 4mm toplayer

Widths 120 -150- 190 - 250 mm

Lengths 480 - 1090 mm

Jodełka francuska (Chevron)

Floorboards 2-layer or 3-layer,

3mm or 4mm toplayer

Widths 120 - 150 mm

Lengths 450 - 960 mm

Instalation, stairs, solutions

As part of the Princ Parket flooring process, we manufacture stairs with the same surface and design as the floors. We are able to clad your concrete stairs according to your ideas and chosen design and style, to produce solid and self-supporting steps for the prefabricated construction or to carry out the entire stair construction according to your wishes. Here is an example of our work....

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